Dharma Design Furniture

About Dharma Design Furniture

About Dharma Design Furniture

Inspired by the esthetic potential of furniture and established in 2003, Dharma Design Furniture (DDF) is the functional artistry of designer/craftsman, David S Talley, who explored, initially, a wide range of original furniture designs and since 2012 has focused on the creation of furniture as sculpture, functional art that has presence, can inspire and make an impact.

A key development in the shift to this more expressive, sculptural approach was the discovery of the potentials of the bent-lamination technique which allows for wood to be bent predictably without heat. This technique, when combined with sensitive design and exceptional woods has resulted in highly valued pieces.

Also a factor in the successes of the DDF endeavor is the beauty of the environment in which it’s located. From the immaculate gardens surrounding the studio to the awesome land and seascapes at the end of a Maine peninsula, there is fertile ground for high-level creative expression.

For the first 8 years, DDF stayed close to home, developing and exploring many design styles and serving a local clientele. Since 2012, David has expanded his reach by exhibiting at select shows in the North East. Today, custom commissions and the purchase of existing creations remain the mainstay of this business.

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